Western Union



Very Important!!! 

✪ Please note that minimum for WU transfers is 100 (USD/EUR/GBP) per beneficiary. 


✪ For any WU transfer it must be indicated as purpose "Donation". For questions such as "Who is the person for you ?", please indicate "Friend". If the purpose of payment field is left empty, or if you give another reason for transfer, your payment will be canceled.


How to pay by WU:

1. You can pay in a WU location or by credit/debit card on the WU website by using the beneficiary given by us on email.


2. Please notice that the beneficiary details can be used only once and is valid only for a period of 2 days from the moment you received them.


3. If for some reason you didn't process the transfer within these 2 days, don't process more this payment because details are not more available. For the details of a new beneficiary you will have to contact us again.


4. After transfer is done, please contact us to https://buysteroids.cn/contact and indicate next details: 

- The MTCN - money transfer confirmation number (10 digits).

- Full sender name

- The country from which the transfer was made

- Exact sent amount

- The number of your order for which the transfer was made (ex. Order #2987).


Send money from a WU point:


Send money from WU website: