Turanabol 10mg Tablets British Dragon x 100 tabs

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Turanabol 10mg British Dragon Tablets


Active Substance: 4-Chlordehydromethyltestosterone 10mg/tab
Steroid Class: Bulking Steroid
Brand: British Dragon
Country: Thailand
The price is for 100 tablets.



Turinabol Description

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid designed in 1965 in East Germany. It was a forgotten steroid but it has returned to the world of bodybuilding in recent years.


Turinabol was introduced to medical practice in 1965 and a year later it was used also used in sports. In 1972 it was one of the most widespread steroids among athletes in all kind of sports.


Turin has a very low androgenic effect (6 out of 100) and its anabolic effect (54 out of 100) making it a very potent steroid. Compared to the Dianabol, which has an androgenic effect of 43/100 and an anabolic rate of 90/100, but has many more unacceptable side effects for many athletes. Turanabol does not cause gynecomastia, or retention of water and fat.


Turanabol is derived from methandrostenolone, with an additional chlorine atom at the 4-th position. That's why Turanabol does not  have flavors, and its metabolites leave the body very quickly.


Using Turanabol in steroid courses brings low muscle gains but of good quality, without fat and water retention. Also, no side effects are noticed. It suppresses its own testosterone production, especially when it is used for longer periods and recovery is easy if the PCT is done.


During the first administration period, Turanabol will rapidly increase the strength. Another positive aspect is that it gives the muscles a rough appearance without retaining the subcutaneous water. It is also considered a "sex steroid" because it increases quickly increases the libido for men.


If you want to burn a large amount of fat, then Turanabol will not help because it is a steroid, not a fat burner. It has the role of protecting the muscle mass when a caloric restriction is followed.


However, most often it is used by athletes and less by bodybuilders. It increases the muscle endurance, physical exercise capacity and improves recovery.



Turinabol Dosage

Daily doses range from 20mg/day to 100mg/day depending on the desired results. If your weight is less than 90 kg than you should use 20mg/day. If you are heavier, than the normal dose is 40-50mg/day.


When administered at doses of 50mg/day, it increases muscle tissue smoothly and forcefully. It can be combined with Parabolan (200mg/week) and / or Winstrol (150mg/week), which leads to the building of the mucous mass and fat burning, without the use of a fat burner.


To calculate the optimal dose, you should apply the next formula: weight in kilograms divided by 1.5 or 2. It can be taken in the morning or twice a day in the morning and afternoon.


The dose for sportsmen is 2.5mg/day-5mg/day. At these doses, there should be no risk of virilization, however start at the lowest dose and do not exceed 5mg/day. Cycles should not be longer than 4-6 weeks.


For more info about turanabol steroid click here.


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