Article Strongman Type Metabolic Circuits

Strongman type metabolic circuits

Anyone who knows anything about power sports can say that professional strongmen are light years ahead of powerlifters when it comes to physical appearance.

Search for pictures on google and you'll quickly see the differences between these two categories. Why these differences? Due to the training.

Strongman disciplines and exercise-based circuits are the fastest way to build real functional strength and quickly transform your body.

We will analyze 4 exercises used in strongman that you can perform as a circuit, to burn your fat.


✪ Dumbbell Swings

Russian influences in power sports are profound.

I do not want to diminish the efficiency of complex exercises such as snatching or throwing, but I prefer the simpler approach so that we will remain at the swing with the dumbbell. From the point of view of strength and efficiency, it is difficult to beat the balances with the ball. It is difficult to work the rear chain and hip extensors more efficiently than with the swings. And the metabolic cost of exercise is high. With a little attention you can learn relatively easily, although you must be careful, especially if you already have problems with the spine in the lumbar area.

To lose weight, make the tabanella with swings. This involves 8 sets of balances with dumbbells, doing as many repetitions in 20 seconds with 10 seconds pause; is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. It may seem a little, but it is extraordinarily painful if you put the right intensity.

Dumbbell Swing


✪ Farmer's Walk

Besides the fact that your forearms and grip work very intensely, the farmer's gait develops your entire rear chain and trapezoid. Let's not forget the stability of the middle belt and the functionality of lifting something hard from below and moving in space with that weight.
If you do not have special equipment for the walker, no problem ... use dumbbells!

To lose weight, walk the farmer as far as 100 meters as fast as possible, rest for 45 seconds and repeat until you make 8 such sets or 10 minutes have elapsed - what happens the first time.

Farmers Walk


✪ Training With Boxing Bags

To hit a boxing bag is not considered strength training. But, if you repeatedly hit such a sack with all the strength you can, it's a form of strength training.
Instead of hitting your fists at random, you have to give everything you can. Yes as many hits as you can in 20 seconds. Don't just use your arms, put your whole body behind each blow.

You will not train to win a fight, but you will still learn to punch and it will take your breath away.

To lose weight, hit the bag as fast and fast as you can for 20 seconds and pause for 20 seconds. Make 10 such rounds. They will be among the hardest 6 minutes of your life. As your physical condition grows stronger and more frequent, do not add time!

Boxing Bag Training


✪ Fighting Ropes

Fighting ropes have long been popular with various powerhouses. The battle ropes have a small impact on the joints, are metabolic, work the grip, shoulders, arms, back and median area. And they are even more interesting when you think that there are not many options for cardiovascular exercise using only the upper body.
To lose weight, wave with the ropes as hard as you can. You can use a tabata protocol, where you work 20 seconds and have 10 seconds pause; repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

Fighting Ropes


✪ Conclusions

All the little circuits above are great to add at the end of an intense workout. Do one in chicks a day and no more than 3-4 days a week.
Instead of endless days of slow and long-lasting cardio, which makes you weak, slow and eating your muscle mass, there are better options!

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