Card to Card Transfer


Card to Card Transfers via Paysend App.


How it works ?

 Install Paysend App on your device

 Register and attach your Credit/Debit card to Paysend App. Acccepted credit/debit cards: UnionPay, Visa, Master Card.

 Enter the cardholder's name and card number. You only receive payment information by email. For this you must contact us at [email protected]


Please watch the video to see how it works: 


Install Paysend App Here:

Apple Store -

Google Play Market -

Huawei AppGallery -


All that is needed to make a payment is the card number and the name of the holder. We send this information to each customer after the order is placed.  The transfer is made directly from card to card and takes place instantly.


Note !!!


This type of transfer should only be made as a donation, and not as payment for goods because this application has no commercial purposes. Respectively, any notes that would indicate that this type of transfer is a payment for something will be automatically canceled by the system.